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I'm Katy. A Designer in Amsterdam.

I design for digital products and services

For example

I led the digital product design on a new mobile network in the UK.

Case study


I helped to re-imagine the mortgage conversation for a large high street bank.

“Katy cuts through complexity and nonsense and makes things simple and easy."

Jen Williams
Product Design Director

I'm also a startup founder

I’m working on three ventures


Bringing more magic to the world. We create exceptional and magical training products that develop soft skills.

See the magic

Working title

A venture offering attainable product design and product thinking to early-stage startups.

Coming soon

Sun in the corner B.V.

My solo practice registered in Amsterdam. Doing good work, for a good purpose, with good people.

Hire me

Hire me

You can hire me

Who I work with

- Startups
- Scaleups
- Climate solutions
- Social Impact

What I do

- User Interface design
- Experience design
- User research
- Competitor Research
- Co-Creation Workshops

When should you hire me?

You're looking for someone senior enough to own the design of your digital product/service.

You're looking for someone who can work autonomously with enough experience to deliver effective work.

You're looking for someone who works 1-2 days per week because you don't need or can't afford a full time designer.

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To work with me, or for more information about my work please get in touch.